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Need an Alone and Forsaken walkthrough for The Last of Us 1, including all collectibles? In this The Last of Us 1 guide, we're going to show you how to achieve 100% completion in Alone and Forsaken, which is part of the Pittsburgh chapter.

There are 10x Artefacts, 1x Firefly Pendant, 2x Comics, 1x Training Manual, 1x Workbench, 2x Shiv Doors, and 7x Optional Conversations to find in Alone and Forsaken, as Joel and Ellie arrive in Pittsburgh.

After the lengthy cutscene following the High School Escape, you'll immediately have to deal with some bandits. Hammer the square button to get away from the one who threatens to cut your throat, then help Ellie out across the room.

There are a lot of bandits looking to kill you, and you're going to have to deal with them. Try to flank them, by crouching down and sneaking behind the shop counter. Remember these are not Clickers or Runners, so one good headshot should kill these humans cleanly. You can also use bricks and bottles to lure them into position. Deal with them all, and then exit the shop.

Bill hands you an Artefact named the Siphon Hose at the end of the High School Escape section, so this will be in your inventory from the start of the chapter.

Ellie loots the Comic named Force Carrier from Bill, so this will be in your inventory at the beginning of the chapter. This doesn't actually count towards your collectibles total.

Loot all the buildings, before catching up with Ellie across the street, who's standing in front of a garage door. Push the triangle button to lift it up. As Ellie points out, "There's some pretty gnarly stuff in here."

Immediately after going through the garage door, after the big fight with the bandits, you'll get an Optional Conversation opportunity with Ellie.

In the room with all the dead bodies, in the top-right corner of the room, you'll find an Artefact named Tourists Manifest.

Immediately after entering the room, to your left, is a red toolbox with a Workbench Tool in it named the File. This will give you Tools Level 2 and unlock more Weapons upgrades.

Before you leave this room through the only door out, be sure to grab the Smoke Bomb from the shelving cabinet to the left of the door.

Head up the stairs and answer some difficult conversations from Ellie. Go in the bedroom on the right, and loot all of the supplies. Be sure to take some time to reload your weapons and craft some bombs, as it's always good to be well prepared in this game.

On one of the mattresses, in the upstairs bedroom after the room with all the dead bodies, you'll find a Training Manual called Health Splinting.

Head into the room at the end of the corridor, opposite where you entered this area. Directly to the right, taped to the wall, is an Artefact named Ambush Map.

In the same room as the previous Artefact, there's a Workbench pushed up against the back wall. Use it to upgrade your weapons with your new Workbench Tool.

Once you've gathered everything, head out through the blue barred door and up the metal staircase to the left. Jump over the rails and look around on the ground level for the Weapon Parts and Supplements.

There's a bus a little way up the road, as you make your way towards the bridge. Climb aboard and walk to the end of the bus. You'll find a Comic named Termination Shock. This will also unlock the Savage Starlight Fan Trophy.

Catch up with Ellie just beyond the bus, and this will trigger an Optional Conversation opportunity.

Head up the hill through all the decaying cars, but brace yourself: there are more bandits ahead. You can either hide and let this walk by or engage them, but do keep in mind if you go loud then a couple more bandits will join the gauntlet to help out. Once you're done, wait near to the crashed bus, but don't climb up yet.

If you wait around before climbing on the bus, Ellie will eventually get out her joke book. This can take a while, so be patient. Once you get the prompt, push the triangle button to interact. This counts as an Optional Conversation, but is also one of Ellie's Jokes.

Climb over the bus after Ellie has told you her jokes, and she'll head over to inspect some graffiti, triggering another Optional Conversation opportunity.

After the discussion about the rations in th previous Optional Conversation, you'll find an Artefact in the checkpoint office named Lost Hill Note. Jump over the sandbags to get to it. There are also some Weapon Parts on the table behind.

Push on through the checkpoint and go through the rotating door gate. There are more bandits on the other side so brace yourself. Once again, you can choose to engage quietly, or go in loud. We'd recommend approaching sneakily, however, as there are a lot of cover opportunities in this area, as well as plenty of bottles and bricks to attract attention as required.

As you make your way through the checkpoint, where you encounter the bandits, there's an Artefact named Traitors Flyer pinned to the wall. It's on the left, if you exit from the book store.

Outside the Kingston Bookstore, to the left of its main entrance, there's an alleyway. You'll find a Firefly Pendant named Risk's Firefly Pendant on the floor, behind a tipped over shelf.

It's time to go in the Kingston Bookstore. Be careful in the book store, however, as there are absolutely tons of bandits in here across both floors. You'll be fighting more enemies than you're used to in here, so you're going to need all your resources. Try to pick off as many on the bottom floor as you possibly can undetected, but note there are even more upstairs. Remember to keep low and stay on the move. The bandits are smart and will hunt you down, but keep them guessing. You can even move between the different floors to escape and get yourself into a better position. One other thing worth noting is that some foes have helmets and will require two headshots to down, so be aware of that and know who you're fighting before engaging.

That was a tough combat encounter, so it's time for some much-needed respite. Fortunately, Ellie still has her joke book. Head to the second floor of the Kingston Bookstore and wait around outside the Rivers Café. Eventually you'll get an Optional Conversation opportunity with more of Ellie's Jokes. Be patient, as it may take a moment for the prompt to appear.

Immediately to the right of the Rivers Café, there's a metal door. This is a Shiv Door. Open it to access a new room in the upstairs area of the Kingston Bookstore.

Inside the aforementioned Shiv Door room you'll find an Artefact to the right of the sink. This one is called the Lost Areas Map. Be sure to grab all the other supplies in this room, including the Weapon Parts and Supplements.

Head down the stairs to the ground floor of the Kingston Bookstore, on the right side of the shop. There are some book shelves under the stairs. On one you'll find an Artefact named Applicant Checklist.

In the kitchen, before the offices, at the far end of the Kingston Bookstore opposite where you entered. On the left there is a table with an Artefact called Abandon Zone Note on it.

Once you've collected everything, head up the stairs to the second floor of the Kingston Bookstore and head out of the big fire exit doors at the back, just left of Rivers Café. Drop down from the staircase onto the street and past the strung up corpses. Go up the metal staircase and drop onto the truck, then back onto street level again. Make your way back on the path towards the bridge. There are more bandits here but they're not going to fight, so you're free to have a look around.

Turn around after the bandits have gone away, and head to the shop called Larson's. There's a poster in the window of a model, which will trigger an Optional Conversation with Ellie.

After the previous Optional Conversation, wait around once more for Ellie to get her joke book out. This will trigger another one of Ellie's Jokes.

To the left of the yellow taxi cab, underneath the archway named Regal Apartments, there's a door marked with a red X. This is a Shiv Door, so be sure to open it up.

Inside the aforementioned Shiv Door, you'll find an Artefact on a chair immediately after the entrance named Mother's Letter. Be sure to loot everything else in this room before you leave.

Jump into the water and swim towards the bridge. At the far end of the water is wooden pallet, but a truck will speed by before you grab it. Don't worry, they won't spot you. Ferry the wooden pallet back to Ellie and she'll climb aboard. Ferry her across to the big bus and she'll climb up. She'll then use the plank to create a bridge for you.

Swim through the truck trailer, where Ellie just dropped the bridge. You'll be in another Rivers Café. Loot the downstairs first for precious supplies. Then head to the back and go up the stairs at the rear.

On the upper level, follow the walkway around to bench table. There's an Artefact on it called Stash Note. It includes information on the Shiv Door you literally just opened if you've been following this guide!

Once you're done in the Rivers Cafe, head back down to the first floor and climb on top of the truck. Cross the bridge to the Hotel Lobby.

Did our Alone and Forsaken walkthrough for The Last of Us 1 help? Did you find all Artefacts, Firefly Pendants, Comics, Training Manuals, Workbenches, Shiv Doors, and Optional Conversations? Check out our The Last of Us 1 guide for much more information on the game, including all collectibles.

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