WGCU pays tribute to the heroes of Veterans Day

2021-11-25 06:42:42 By : Ms. Summer Tao

On this Veterans Day, join WGCU and we pay tribute to the heroes who bravely served the country. Watch, listen to or read service stories from all over the country, including the tragic and emotional personal experiences of our veterinarian in Southwest Florida. Therefore, whether you want to review historical facts of the war or learn new knowledge, WGCU is the source of Veterans Day stories and can help you understand the significance of this important holiday.

To all the men and women who have served, and their loved ones: Thank you for your service.

Punta Gorda resident and WGCU reporter Michael Hirsh shared first-hand accounts of his Vietnam War experience, including recordings he made during the war and his collaborations with veterans afterwards. In 1966, he served as a combat correspondent for the 25th Infantry Division of the Army in Cu Chi, Vietnam, where he received the combat infantry badge. "My Vietnam War-During, After, and After" also includes Hirsh's Army field correspondent David Kleinberg (David Kleinberg) and excerpts from his solo show "Hey, hey, LBJ." Read more>>

This GCL episode explores the 75th anniversary of the event that changed history: the attack on Pearl Harbor. Hear the stories of local veterans and explore the unique connection between Florida and the war effort with historian Dr. Lois Bolin. Listen now >>

Lia Coronado said she was not the most responsible person in high school. "I didn't take the right path," Coronado recalled. "In my high school days, I attended a lot of parties and did some things that I really shouldn’t do. The army really got me out of that situation and forced me to go on the right path. Man, if I didn’t join the army , Who knows what kind of person I will be today." Read more >>

This series commemorates veterans in southwestern Florida. Each half-hour TV documentary interviews five local men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. They share their often distressing and emotional personal experiences in these conflicts. Watch now >>

After 9/11, veterans joined WGCU-FM's life on the Gulf Coast to discuss their struggles, their support network, and how they can continue to live after retirement. This is a new generation of veterans who face longer deployment times and what many people call "different types of war." Guests include Marine Corps veterans Armando Hernandez and Jeffrey Swatzentruber, Cpt. John Bunch and Rodney Van Ness collaborated with the Lee County Veterans Services Department. Read more>>

Most Hollywood war stories end in the return of heroes. In fact, the path to return to civilian life is not so sure. For some people, there was a ticker marching; for others, protest, anger, and silence. Some veterans went home confidently, while others thought, "What should I do now?" Hosted by actor Wes Stadi, Vietnam Veterans (National Guard) and Native American (Cherokee) events Family. Watch now >>

Celebrate Veterans Day with PBS! Mainly filmed in the summer of 2014, "Hometown: Life after Service" details the lives of three veterans who returned to Adirondack in northern New York after deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. The film raises a question: After all the sacrifices, when will home finally feel at home? This documentary guides the audience on a journey of re-assimilation. Watch now >>

In the early 1980s, Sanibel's artist Lucas Century learned about the efforts to create the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC. He believed that a carving technique he developed could help the project progress, and he was right. More than 58,000 names engraved on the black granite were done using his method, thus saving the time and budget of the memorial. Read more>>

When NASA astronauts launch from the Kennedy Space Center, it will be the first time humans have taken off from the United States since the end of the space shuttle program in 2011. The pilot of the last space shuttle mission was Doug Hurley, who boarded again on Wednesday, preparing to make history with the launch of SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule. Read more>>

Bill Curtis served in the U.S. Navy for many years. He joined this service at the end of the Korean War in 1953. For two years, he was a cryptographer. He has a data mind. During his service in Italy, he was good at telex communication. As you might expect, his work is top secret. Read more>>

The veteran Andrew Morris always carries a drum with him. "My father is a drummer," Morris said. "And my dad's dad is also a drummer, which is very popular in the family. So, I have a lot of contact with it, you know, I ended up taking middle school and percussion courses." Read more >>

The veteran Stanley joined the army at the age of 22, hoping to find his way.

"I was a bankrupt college student with no real motivation," Stanley recalled. "I feel very guilty because I spent all my parents' money in college. I went to college for four years and I had 45 credits. I always felt that life was more important than this stigmatized cookie-cutter approach. I showed up in the recruiter’s office. This was the first time I had taken responsibility in my life. One of the jobs I took over was 88 Mike, as they called it, he was an operator of a heavy-wheeled motor vehicle. Use this way to describe me as a truck driver." Read more>>

In October 1988, John Bergeron and 185 other Marines went to a remote town on the northern tip of Norway. They simulated invasions to test Norway's defenses. Read more>>

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