Automated Auto Stacker Smart Car Parking System with Multi Floors

CONTACT:Jane LiuMob:0086-15712786732QINGDAO MUTRADE CO.,LTDWE PLAN,DESIGN,MANUFACTURE AND INSTALL!!!Bi-Directional Parking System BRIEF DESCRIPTION:BDP Series is a kind of semi automatic parking equipment. It is suitable for both commercial and residential parking purposes. It moves ver

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Bi-Directional Parking System 


BDP Series is a kind of semi automatic parking equipment. It is suitable for both commercial and residential parking purposes. It moves vertically & horizontally with the platform to park & retrieve car freely.
-Galvanized platform with wave plate for better parking;
-15 levels above ground for cars or 5 levels above ground for all suvs;
-Can be mixed with 3 levels underground;
-Hydraulic cylinder with steel rope drive;
-Patented Hydraulic variable frequency speed control technology to smoothly approaching ground;
-Central hydraulic power pack and control panel, with PLC control system inside;
-Code, IC Card and manual operation available;
-2000kg capacity for sedan system, and 2500kg capacity for SUV system;
-Patented anti-falling frame protection.

Model                BDP Series
Levels 2515
Available Vehicle Size5000mm x 1850mm x 1550mm (LxWxH) *can be customized to  t for SUV
Drive modeHydraulic Cylinder + Steel Cable
Lifting capacity2000kg *can be customized to  t for SUV
Hydraulic pump power4Kw11Kw15Kw
Lifting speed8-12m/min  15-18m/min  22-28m/min
Sliding Speed 7.5m/min 
Control Omoron PLC system 
Operation Button, IC cards, or manual, with LED display
Finishing Sand blasting, Zinc spray, then Surface painting for protection


1. Speed,hydraulic system is 2-3 times faster than the motor type, for the puzzle system more than 4 floors high, the speed different is significant.
2. Smooth and quiet, hydraulic system runs much smoother and quieter than motor type.
3. Higher floor, with our new technology, we could build puzzle system 15 floors high over the ground and 3 floor deep under the ground.
4. Energy saving, with hydraulic system, it doesn't consume any electricity when the platform come down to the ground level, it saves half energy cost.
5. Low and fast maintenance, instead of changing motors, for hydraulic system, you usually change cylinders.
6. Our systems come with zinc spray finishing for anti-rust, so you don't have to spend more money on that.
7. Lower cost on equipment. With hydraulic tower system, the only similar product is auto tower system with is 2 times more expensive, it is easier for you to convince your investors and get your investment back faster.
8. During the parking and retrieving procedure, only the platform move, nothing touch client's car.
9. It is safer with hydraulic system since there is no risk of failure of limit switch.
10. Experience, we have experience of building big projects more than 1, 000 parking lots and we install every year more than 15, 000 spaces all over the world. We send out mechanical & electric engineer to provide onsite instruction services.
11. Professional on management software design.

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