Automatic Stacker/Stacker Conveying System/Stacker

                                       Automatic stacker/stacker conveying systemStacker is the core equipment of the whole automated three-dimensional warehouse, which can move the goods from one place to another through man

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                                      Automatic stacker/stacker conveying system

Stacker is the core equipment of the whole automated three-dimensional warehouse, which can move the goods from one place to another through manual operation, semi-automatic operation and full-automatic operation.Laneway stacker is evolved from forklift truck and bridge stacker.The main purpose of the roadway stacker is to shuttle back and forth in the roadway of the high shelf and store the goods at the entrance of the roadway into the cargo compartment.Alternatively, take the goods in the delivery compartment and transport them to the opening of the roadway.

Its core functions are:

1. Rail roadway stacker is an automatic lifting and stacker equipment in the stereo warehouse.

2, rail roadway stacker mainly includes the body, loading platform, horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism and fork mechanism, as well as the electrical control system.

3. The storage of goods can be realized through three-axis coordination and movement.

4, a single deep and double deep stacker.
The stacking crane has the following characteristics:
1. High operating efficiency
Stacking crane is a special equipment for three-dimensional storage, with high handling speed and cargo access speed, can be completed in a short period of time, the highest operating speed of stacking crane can reach 500m/min.
2. Improve warehouse utilization
The stacking crane is small in size and can be operated in the roadway with small width. It is also suitable for the shelf work of high floors and can improve the utilization rate of the warehouse.
3. High degree of automation
Stacking crane can realize remote control, operation process without manual intervention, high degree of automation, easy to manage.
4. Stability is good
The stacker crane has high reliability and good stability when working.
Parameters of stacker:

Load capacity10-350
Container size a x bx h(mm)arbitrarily
Horizontal running speed (m/min)240/360 (frequency conversion, servo)
Lifting speed (m/min)60/80/120/180(frequency conversion, servo)
Expansion speed of fork (m/min)60/80(frequency control)
Acceleration (m/s2)Level V 5; Vertical H 3;
Machine height (m)10/14/18/20
Pallet fork formSingle fork, double fork, finger fork, drawer fork
Conductive waySafety conductor
communication modeFar infrared communication, wireless communication
In and out storage operation modeChoose type; Unit; The hybrid
locate modeLaser ranging, bar code band, rotary coding
positionaI accuracy±3mm H /±3mm V/±2mm F


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