12V60AH 70AH 80AH 85AH Deep-Cycle AGM UPS CPS ECO Lead acid carbon Storage Sweeper Battery

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Q5/Weipasi Power Company keenly encourages environmental awareness; PLEASE follow guidelines for the recycling /disposal of lead.

Weipasi Power AGM/GEL/Carbon series is a general purpose battery with 18 years design life in float service.
With heavy duty grids, thicker plates, special additives and updated AGM/GEL valve regulated technology,
the Q5 series battery provides consistent performance and long service life.
The new grid design effectively reduces the internal resistance,
which provides higher specific energy density and excellent high rate discharge characteristics.
It is suitable for communications back-up power and EPS/UPS applications .

Product Features
· Capacity range: 33Ah-300Ah
· Long working life: >12 years
· Low self-discharge rate: ≤3.5%/month 
· High charge acceptance performance
· Widen operation temperature rang:- 20ºC~65ºC
· Grid: made of rare earth alloy with patented formula, thicker and anti-corrosion, ensure stronger ability to recover from deep discharging
· Positive Plate: With die-casting, use quaternary alloy (Pb-Ca-Sn-Al), good corrosion resistance and long service life.
·  Negative plate: improved high-density lead paste with patented design 
·  Separator:  AGM/GEL separator imported from German, low internal resistance, high pore rate and long life
·  Safety valve: good sensitivity, safe and reliable, equipped with flame arrester/acid filter
·  Battery case: high strength ABS and durable design
·  Voltage class:  12V
·  Float charge voltage: 13.5V-13.8V
·  Equalized charge voltage: 14.4V-14.7V

      1)Float service
      2)Uninterruptible Power Supplies
      5)Switch Gear
      9)Control Systems
      10)Cellular Radio Stations
      11)Cathodic Protection
      12)Navigation Aids
      13)Marine equipment
      14)Electric Power Systems:example, telecommunication, large-scale UPS, nuclear power station, electric power substation and so on.

Don't near the hot source and don't under the sunshine.
Don't charge in the sealed container.
No short circuit. It should be addition charge if you don't use, and single charge per three months, to avoid irreversible sulfating. The battery should be changed when the battery jar broken or the electrolyte omitted, to avoid acid corrosion.
Don't store in the space of acid gas.
You should be careful and regular check when use the battery. To avoid the battery don't work. You should change the battery if the capacity is not full or has been damage, especially after one year using.
Don't put the battery in the fire, or it will explode.
Please use cotton cloth to clean, if the battery is broken down and leak electrolyte. Please wash your skin when touch the electrolyte.
Don't clean the battery by using the organic solution. (e.g. petrol)
12V60AH 70AH 80AH 85AH Deep-Cycle AGM UPS CPS ECO Lead acid carbon Storage Sweeper Battery
12V60AH 70AH 80AH 85AH Deep-Cycle AGM UPS CPS ECO Lead acid carbon Storage Sweeper Battery

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